Aboriginal Title UCc the Great Seal Perseverando is defined to sustain guaranteed Liberties!      

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AMLO De jure Decrees Indictments Judgements!  

1-23-2022 Seminole Priest NEWS Report to Ancient Aboriginals Continents lands free holder Peoples Nations!
From Grantor Lamont Durrell Belton sui juris "At LAW"  to Aboriginals and Colonist regarding U.N. Investigations! 

 U.N suggest or produces NON BONDED INJURIOUS AGENDAS!  
 Agenda is not a royal sovereign organic  Decrees!    Alternations as Aboriginal Consular Court Aboriginal Insular Tribunal Justices creates royal decrees, defined as Promulgations Promulgated Aboriginal Tittle LAND LAW.  
  U.N Did undermine via CORPORATIONS, did not effectuate the DRIP 2006 now effectuated binding globally via Alternations, the, ACC AIT AMLO AMLU CONSUL INSULAR FED, WMA (SCIJ) ICc ICj  an alternative to the U.N., effectuated!   bonde fully assured full faith debit credit.  all liberties reserved!  Abo UCc Great Seal Perseverando! 
Guilty Verified Debtor Tortfeasors List

De jure Judicial Notice

the following Obligors(s) are guilty of a Notorious Act Committed!

status of theses listed are fugitives via Uniform Commercial code and Uniform Bonding code!  
  both codes are Universal Globally binding on all Corporate Entities Et Alli