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Aboriginal Title UCc the Great Seal Perseverando is defined to sustain guaranteed Liberties!      

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Chief Aboriginal Aboriginal Martial Law Officer

Chief Grantor Lamont Durrell Belton sui juris Sui Generis "AT LAW" Res Judicata Insular Data Base for Active and Good Standing Aboriginal Martial Law Officers, who are Aboriginal Martials approved and accepted by Justice, Res Judicata Insular Lamont D. Belton Sui Juris Sui Generis Et Alli. This Web site Portal is for the Real De jure Aboriginal Marshals who are Aboriginal Martials Law Officer, distinguished from ones who claim to be, who will be prosecuted for impersonating Belton Lamont Durrell Sui Juris "At Law" Post and or Aboriginal Martial Law Officers who are Aboriginal Martials attached to 2005 Allodial Bond Rev Pow of Atty LRI 019073 Deed Stamp 3857PGO379 Aboriginal Title Tax Excluded-Exempted Eleemosynary Corp Private, Allodial Inter Universal Aboriginal jurisdiction attached to Seminole Pacta Sunt Servanda "En Lex" Jurisprudence Dejure Priesthood UCC1 08-10-08-7015-1 A 9 Natural Law Normal Law Universal Supranational Uniform Commercial code Article 1 Jurisdiction. International Commercial Law, Ancestry Customary International Self Determi-Nation- Global Law Force Federation transmitting Utility, PRIVATE! all liberties reserved.
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